Tips for Creating a Beautiful Guest Bedroom

Tips for Creating a Beautiful Guest Bedroom

This time of year, you might have an extra guest or two staying with you over the holiday season and here are some tips to create a beautiful guest bedroom to make them feel welcome and comfortable in your home.

Declutter and clean the room

Often the guest bedroom has been the spare room where all our bits and pieces are stored throughout the year including extra clothing and shoes.  The first thing is to declutter the room and make sure it is clean.

Guests like to have some space to store their clothing during their stay so make sure you have some hanging room and include plenty of hangers.  I’m someone who takes hangers with me even to 5 star hotels as I find there are never enough so make sure you have plenty of spares. 


Comfy bed and beautiful linen

A great way to make you guests feel at home is to ensure the bed is comfortable and the linen is fresh and cosy.  I always like to add a throw to the bed in case it gets cold and include lots of decorative cushions.  If your bedroom has the space, add an ottoman as the end of the bed for added storage and a place to put all the cushions while they sleep.  Include fresh fluffy towels in the room or if your guests are lucky enough to have their own bathroom include toiletries like soap, shampoo and conditioner, body wash and body lotion.  It’s also a nice idea to include a luxurious robe and slippers for your guests. 


Add extra touches to the room

Add a vase of fresh flowers or a softly scented candle and magazines to the room.   Also include the wifi password so your guests don’t feel uncomfortable asking for it and I think this looks nice in a cute little frame.